Aeolian islands the lighthouse of the

There aren't beaches at Ginostra, but it is posible to bathe from rocky shores. It is the hub of Venus, goddess of love and beauty. In Maythe Ministry of Defense formally requested the Spanish government to stop training exercises near the natural reserve.

The total land area of the Savage Islands is 2. It is also rich in history because the earliest settler of Sicily is said to live here firstly. Ushant, Brittany On the ferry ride over you'll understand why Ushant -- the westernmost point of France -- is called "the island at the end of the world.

The main one, known as the Favara Grande, stands down the slopes of the Grand Mountain. In Stromboli you can contact the local authorised guides and rent all the necessary equipment.

It is a semi-frozen liquid mixture made from water, sugar, fruit juice or various flavorings. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Guides will generally provide the protective helmets which you're required to wear.

The cone-shaped Alicudithe farthest island — along with Filicudi — from Milazzo coast, has characteristic lava stone houses and a richest flora mostly composed of prickly pear, caper and broom.

Aeolian Islands

Vulcano is the southernmost of the Aeolian islands and the closest to the Sicilian mainland. Stromboli is north-east of the other Aeolian Islands, and the hydrofoils from Lipari can take as much as an hour and forty minutes.

Another popular peak is Mount Cammarata. The most impressive street is then Corso Vittorio Emanuele. The explosive activity can be watched from a distance of a few hundred meters: All these elements strangely attract visitors.

Sicily is a popular travel destination for many reasons. It is has a number of historical sites, romantic spots and natural attractions. The gentle breeze of the sea attracts tourist from all over the globe. Its agricultural land is precious and line with many cultural and historical monuments.

Although there are still neatly-cultivated allotments and fishing boats drawn up on the beach, many of the locals now make a living from renting out accommodation to tourists, from running tourist businesses and shops, or from working as mountain guides and leading volcano excursions.

Sicily is linked to the Italian mainland by scheduled air services and also regular ferries shipping between Calabrian port of Villa San Giovanni and Messina in Sicily. It is situated about kilometres from Africa.

Alicudi island by Figiu Filicudi This one is popularly called the wild pearl. Although commercial tours of the islands and their biomes are available, all visitors require authorization from the Madeira Nature Park, the regional environmental authority.

It is about 10 kilometers in length with a quaint Sicilian countryside.

9 idyllic French islands worth exploring

The island has a richest vegetation and wildlife and unique landscapes. Alongside is a picturesque stretch of shingle beach, where fishing boats are pulled up on the volcanic sand and pebbles.

Salinawith its richest flora and its distinctive two-humped profile — consisting of its two peaks Monte dei Porri and Fossa delle Felci, is the second largest of the Aeolian Islands.

The guides of Stromboli also named Iddu, meaning He will lead you gradually to the top depending on its eruptive stages. Besides its naturalistic riches, the island is an equally renowned archaeological site, with the Tofet, a place where Phoenicians buried children, and the archaeological museum.

It has three islands included in the archipelago including Linosa, Lampione and Lampedusa. The neighboring Filicudi is also very attractive.

The Aeolian Islands

It has a number of restaurants, bars and has an appealing nightlife. On the southern coast, there is Ginostra, a village which is completely isolated from the rest of the island and that can be reached only by sea.

You can also find here museums, great sand beaches, and sparkling seas. The islands themselves are crossed by many calcareous faults, some marbleized, and made of basaltic rock, ash, and other volcanic materials.

In the height of summer, try to reserve in advance to be sure of a place on an excursion. Or maybe it was to keep people away, as this remote island's stunning natural beauty, white sand beaches and sparkling turquoise waters are a treasure known only to the few French vacationers, cyclists, nature lovers and birdwatchers that come here.

Thanks to the passing Gulf Stream, the island's mild microclimate supports Mediterranean palms and luxuriant flowers and is also home to pairs of nesting puffins, which can be spotted from the beach alongside other seabirds.Strombolicchio Lighthouse Stromboli Island and Strombolicchio are part of the semi-circular chain of volcanic islands known as the Aeolian Islands.

Carte des parcs. Les parcs en exploitation sont indiqués par palmolive2day.comz sur les points pour accéder à l'information et à un lien. The island of Stromboli has a surface of Km2. Due to its shape, Stromboli was called Strongyle (spinning top) in ancient times.


It is with no doubt a fascinating and mysterious island especially thanks to its famous volcano which dominates from its meters (3, ft.) and which is perpetually active. One sea, many seas.

Stromboli Tourist Information

is the only way to describe the water around the Aeolian Islands. Blue caves, bubbling pools, warm and cold currents, black sandy beaches Location: Baia di Ponente, Vulcano,Sicilia. Your password must meet the following requirements: At least 8 characters; At least 1 upper and 1 lower case letter; At least 1 number; Confirm Password field must match.

The beautiful coast of the Province of Trapani is spaced in between enchanting bays and beaches that greet the transparent sea. At turns resounding with tones of green and deep blue, the waters run towards the spectacular panorama of the Egadi setting, a dream-come-true, is perfect for every type of vacation, and most of all, it is absolutely magnificent every day of the year.

Aeolian islands the lighthouse of the
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