Lecturette on naxalism

Reaching up to a height of m ftthe ridge forms the most dominating feature in this region. New Delhi, also known as Lutyens' Delhi, was officially declared as the Seat of the Government of India and the Capital of the Republic after independence on 15 August During the partition of India thousands of Hindu and Sikh refugees from West Punjab and Sindh fled to Delhi while many Muslim residents of the city migrated to Pakistan.

According to the Census of India, the population of Delhi that year was 13, During the yearnewspapers in thirteen languages were published from the city. Maintain the body language while delivering lecturette, show minimum body moments including hand gestures and leg moments.

As I used to take part in sports events and am used to regularexercise I am physically fit. Sharing of knowledge to the group members: According to meattitudeapproach of the candidate towards a task matters rather than how many sets of task you repeat.

For those who make it through this interesting challenge the future holds a lot of promise and national responsibility. The candidates must imagine themselves in similar situation and consider themost probable course of action which would be taken by them, which invariably is also the right solution to the problem.

A patient listener gives more quality point rather than the continuous speaker. These are the pros and cons of the interrogatory initialisaton technique.

Unnecessarymovements of hands, legs, fingers etc should be avoided and the speech should be delivered in a pleasant but authoritativevoice. Among the later rulers who have endowed large amounts are the rulers of Mysore and Gadwal.


There are many rumours about this Surgical test, nothing to worry: It is a worth watching show. Funding of money by America to Pakistan inspite of Terrorism menance by pakistan.

But Alex kept his cool.

Lecturette of SSB interviews - tips, topics and testing process

The selected candidatesthen have to undergo a comprehensive medical examination to be finally recommended for selection. Thematic Appreciation testThe Thematic Story writing will be 12 in all. Apart from imparting Military training, training in ancillary trades like Textile Repair, Equipment repair, Saddlery, Carpentry, Painting, Tailoring and Driving is also imparted.

The obstacles are as follows: But then, I went forward and introduced myself to a few guys. India, then, implemented an economic blockade and forced Hyderabad state to sign a Standstill Agreement with the Indian Union. This Fort has had many developments added on after its construction by Emperor Shah Jahan.

Lecturette of SSB interviews - tips, topics and testing process

Soon a huge cloud of smoke issued from the destroyed building. The relativelydifficult obstacles carry higher marks and easier ones have lesser. Some of the guys played volleyball and badminton.

All the selectors are well trained, so please do not useany unfair means are bluff. So it was a short and sweet affair, where the entire batch of around 44 guys was dealt within an hour. During the Renaissance and the early modern eras, the name "Golconda" acquired a legendary aura and became synonymous for vast wealth.Naxalism; Bharat'sNuclear deal; Lecturette topics: Click here for the topics to prepare for Individual Lecture.

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9. Final Group Task (F.G.T): This is the last task at the S.S.B. Already before this task the G.T.O will down and choose the candidate based on performance in their previous tasks.

So it is also a last chance for the candidates.

300 Latest Lecturette Topics for SSB Interview

Sep 12,  · 60 Important Topics for SSB Interview Lecturette August 29, September 11, MKC Editorial Team 0 Comment Lecturette is task conducted in GTO series in which candidate is asked to deliver a short talk on given topic that one you choose from given four.

Aug 14,  · SSB Lecturette Topics Lecturette is one of the tests conducted during SSB interview to judge the personality of the candidates. We can say Lecturette is a small speech or a small talk given by candidate, Lecturette is conducted by GTO during group task.

Lecturette on Naxalism. Lecturette on Naxalism [Lecturette] The Naxalite Problem: Red Corridor Filed under Discussions 0 [Lecturette] The Naxalite Problem: Red Corridor Naxalism is one of the biggest problem that our Country is facing today.

Naxals or the word Naxalite is a after a village Nxalbari, near Siliguri in West Bengal. #tesco recruitment process #tesco recruitment process #cyrano bergerac; #m and s people system; #ideal victim; #what is imaginative play; #velvet gloves; #Factotum in the Eyes of Braverman Essay.

Intelligence is defined as the inner ability of the candidate to solve particular problem i.e. aptitude, reasoning etc. Officer Intelligence Rating refers to solve set of problems which consists of both verbal and nonverbal reasoning in a short duration of time.

Lecturette on naxalism
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