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The Magnetic Levitation Train: A Technology ahead of Its Time?

Maglev trains are magnetically levitated trains that go across in a really high speed, with just electrical energy being its primary source of energy. Please do not pass this sample essay as your own, otherwise you will be accused of plagiarism. Considering the enormous potential of Maglev cars, there is no doubt that these are definitely the future of automobile industry.

The Electromagnets are aligned towards the rail from below. It is the fundamental guarantee for the normal operation of the entire maglev system. The costs involved in these things are huge.

First, delays at airports are costly. This Conflict Regarding High Speed Trains A major reason in favor of the construction of high-speed trains in America is to relieve airways and traffic congestion.

Other Assignments of Similar Nature. So are the researches on the improvement of aerodynamics, reduction of noise and cost decrease. TR 08 vehicle had been developed specially for use in that line.

The success again proves that the maglev technology is safe, economic and advanced. Adding to the congestion and delay is Maglevs magnetic levitation essay commuter and regional air traffic. If only it could levitate… well, needless to say, as I have mentioned a few paragraphs back, there is such a train, one that levitates with magnetism, the Maglev train, which by the name might sound Russian, but the mastermind behind it is Alfred Zehden Germanalthough he gave it a name in English: According to the basic principle of energy, the power used to overcome air resistance increases with the cube of velocity and therefore it is significantly dominating at high speeds.

Guest Hovering cars might no longer be only an object of fantasy. The list of benefits of MagLev goes on: Despite these problems, researchers continue to refine the underlying technologies that are used for maglev transportation system, and several authorities indicated that a number of other industries stand to benefit from maglev in the future.

Japan and West Germany pushed to the forefront in the race to develop a technology that was not only capable of incredible speeds but also capable of carrying many passengers in comfort.

Conclusion The research showed that magnetic levitation technologies have been envisioned for almost a century and were proposed early on by American researchers.

Operation control system consists of operation control center, communication system, decentralized control system and on-board control system.

A, Germany and Japan. Maglev networks will Help decrease air pollution and lessen US dependence on foreign oil. The efficiency part can be enhanced if less power is consumed in overcoming air drag and this will also result in increasing the speed of presently existing MAGLEV vehicles.

Journal of Global Business Issues, 1 1 A short MagLev was built in to ferry passengers from Birmingham International Airport to the Birmingham International railway station, the train only travelled at 42 kph and the track was only m long but it showed that the operation of MagLev for passenger transportation was possible.

Excerpt from Term Paper: Advances in solid state electronics and also electromechanical systems made MagLev, as it was beginning to be called, a truly viable option.

But there are always some things that might prevent this technology from advancing. Search our thousands of essays:I could go on.

It may have taken MagLev over a century to get off the ground but now it has it seems that nothing can get in its way.

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Reference: Cai J. Heath Yr 2 Essay 7 1. Magnetic Levitation for Rail Transport – R.G.

Magnetic Levitation Explained In Incredible Slow Motion (VIDEO)

Rhodes and B.E. Mulhall [].

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2. The Magnetic Levitation Train The magnetic levitation train (maglev train) was developed for high-speed public transportation. A maglev train can be made up of. The magnetic levitation technology can be used as a highly advanced and efficient technology in the various industrial.

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There are already many countries that are attracted to maglev systems. Many systems have been proposed in different parts of the worlds, and. Plans to build a magnetic levitation train from the center of Munich to the airport were trashed on Thursday after construction costs almost doubled from € billion ($ billion US) to €3.

Them: Magnetic Levitation Essay. Hello, everyone. I am marco. today, I would like to talk about magnetic levitation. this is my topic, magnetic levitation. let us move on the next slide, that is my outline including introduction,using and advantage.

What is the magnetic levitation.


application of magnetic levitation through the design and construction of an original Maglev vehicle within a set of track/vehicle specifications. The contest rules and specifications will be based on the Maglev competition guidelines (attached).

Maglevs magnetic levitation essay
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